Asian delicacies

Our dishes are prepared according to original recipes. All dishes can be enjoyed on site or as take-out.

Mixed dumplings
Chicken Dumpling
Rice Noodle Spoup
Miso Suppe
Qi Guo Chi
Spicy Lemon Chicken
Chili Chicken
Chicken Vegetable Rice
Rice Noodle Salad

Signature Menu

Rice and egg noodle soups

We serve beef, pork or chicken together with spices and herbs in the soup normally but also very Asian hot on request.

Chinese dumplings

Various steamed Chinese dumplings (dim sum) made of chicken, fish, shrimps and vegetables are served in a traditional bamboo basket with soy dipping sauce.


Speciality Dishes

Warm specialties are offered; For example, soup chicken with traditional herbs in a clay pot, Hong Shao Rou pork breast with spices and chilli, spicy chicken with mushrooms or braised chicken feet according to a secret recipe served with rice.

Cold dishes & dessert

Light and sweet

You will discover cold Asian delicacies such as rice noodle salad with sweet chilli dressing or coconut pandan mochi as well as changing salads.

Also as take out!