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Experience Chinese teas! creative dishes! hearty hospitality!

Experience Chinese teas! creative dishes! hearty hospitality!

Experience Chinese teas! creative dishes! hearty hospitality!

We offer in an elegant and comfortable atmosphere, modern high quality teas and meals designed to meet the needs of local and international guest. Our enthusiasm and passion is recognisable to our guests in the quality of the service we offer.

It is our intention to be spontaneous and creative, to seize opportunities and to positively surprise you as a guest.

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We import our wide range of Chinese teas directly from Kunming, the capital of Yun Nan province in the south-west of China.

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“Decades of experience in Asia and the joy of cooking guarantee you an unforgettable experience of pleasure”.


Bubble Tea

The teas are freshly prepared by us every day and can also be mixed with different toppings according to the customer’s choice.

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In our shop you will find a large selection of the finest tea and accessories such as tea pots and tea cups from the Yun Nan province in China.

Tea directly from the producer!

We import our Chinese tea assortment directly from Kunming, the capital of the Yun Nan province in the southwest of China. Under the quality control of Minghuas brother and his wife, who have been in the tea business in Kunming for decades . In co-operation and collaboration with various tea growers, they select different teas for us and send them to Lucerne.

Through the trust we have built up, we always receive top quality teas from the Yun Nan region and all over China.

The Yun Nan Tea Mountains

Yun Nan is one of the most famous tea regions in China, where Pu’er tea, Yun Nan black tea and a few types of green tea are produced. Yun Nan borders Sichuan, Guizhou, Guangxi and Tibet in southwest China, as well as neighbouring Burma, Laos and Vietnam.

Yun Nan is located on a low latitude plateau, where the special geographical position and complex terrain have a great influence on the complicated climate. Most regions in Yun Nan are warm in winter and cool in summer. The climate is spring-like all year round.

The Yunnan region is one of the earliest known places in the world where tea was cultivated.

Tea - The Treasure of China

Gert Anhalt (broadcaster: Arte) visits a tea plantation, a tea tester and a tea ceremony in Yun Nan – China.

Interesting facts presented in an entertaining way.

Treat yourself to something! Order our first-class tea for your enjoyment at home.

Minghua Yang and Marcel Isaak